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Invoketress News & Updates - March 1, 2023

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

A Message From Our Creative Director Ishra

Welcome to Invoketress’ vibrant and thriving dance community!

I am Ishra, the founder and Artistic Director of Invoketress Dance, a troupe of innovative, bewitching women who embody and share our philosophy of celebrating individual diversity and beauty. Our community is an extension of this where I instill the core belief that through empowerment and connection we heal oursleves, each other and the Earth.


Invoketress News

Mosaic Belly Dance Fusion Show

2023 is a significant year for Invoketress as this represents our 20th anniversary since inception! We are excited and working hard to bring back our highly anticipated “Mosaic” Belly Dance Fusion show at the River Run Centre on Saturday, November 4th. It will be the first “Mosaic” show since pre-pandemic so be sure to mark your calendars and come see the dance magic that we have been conjuring up these past few years on stage!

Costume Open House!

Saturday, March 4th (2:00-4:00 at 15 Michael Place, Guelph)

Drop into Mary’s home studio and browse through a plethora of costu

ming items (bra and belt sets, skirts, accessories, jewellery, DVDs and more!). A casual drop-in event with items that are priced to sell!

Congratulations, Melissa!

We are so excited that Invoketress’ Melissa is expecting twins! Congratulations, Melissa - we are so excited for you and your growing family and wish you all the blessings on your pregnancy and upcoming birth!


Classes & Workshops


All of Ishra’s current 7-week sessions have started this week! We are getting ready for our Belly Blush Student Showcase on Saturday, June 17th - save the date!

Ishra will have new sessions starting mid-April for both “Elemental Movement” and “Intro to Belly Dance.” Keep an eye out for details to come on our website and socials!

Specialty Workshop with Ishra

Spanish Styling for Intermediate to Advanced Dancers

Saturday, May 6 (2:00-4:00)

For over a decade, Ishra has studied Flamenco in her travels and world dance studies. She seamlessly fuses both Spanish styling and Belly Dance, resulting in a very strong and fiery fusion. Ishra would love to share her knowledge and will teach combinations, stylistic posture and attitude with fellow dancers. Great for Intermediate to Advanced dancers in any dance discipline: Belly dancers, ITS dancers, Transcultural dance artists, etc.

Email Ishra to register:


Upcoming Shows

  • March 5 - Glitter (The Well, Hamilton)

  • March 8 - Willow West Neighbourhood Group International Women’s Day (Shelldale, Guelph)

  • March 16 - Mary Snow and Alaina in Crystal Quartz Event (Seneca York Campus, Toronto)

  • March 18 - Mary Snow at Fundraiser for Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief (Retour Bistro, Guelph)

  • March 24 - Mary Snow in “Spring Fling” (Niagara Falls)

  • March 25 - Mary Snow in “Heroes and Villains” (Virtual Show)

  • April 22 - Ishra in Spring Drag Show by Troy Boy Entertainment (Rich Uncle Tavern, Kitchener)

  • April 29 - Feminist Variety Show (Royal City Brewery Co, Guelph)

  • April 29 - Ishra in Spring Drag Show by Troy Boy Entertainment (Paisley, ON)

  • June 10 - Woodstock Cultural Canvas Festival (Woodstock)

  • June 11 - Guelph Multicultural Festival (Riverside Park, Guelph)

  • June 17 - Belly Blush Student Showcase (Guelph Curling Club)

  • November 4 - Mosaic Belly Dance Fusion Show (River Run Centre, Guelph)

  • Every Friday and Sunday - Alaina at OUD, Toronto (showtimes around 11:00pm)


Associated Member Events

Saturday, March 18 - Femmes Rebelles Winter Student Showcase in Guelph

Saturday, April 29 - Feminist Variety Show in Guelph

Sunday, May 21 - Feminist Spring Sip & Shop Market in Guelph



Invoketress is available for hire for dance performances and instruction at events and parties! Please consider referring us to your friends and families and leaving a review on our Facebook page.

Enjoy Ishra’s Manton Performance from Belly Blush Virtual Show, 2022


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